Bradley GT 'Hybrid'
(Old News)
Yep, some years ago (1998), my first
conversion was a GPZ 1100 with off
the shelf components. This one is no
different, using a Curtis 1221B at
120V, 10 YT Optima Blems and 3 48V
Vicor DC-DC's connected in series for
charging the pack. Unfortunately I had
no battery monitoring and ended up
killing 4-5 due to overdischarge.

I even thought of extending my range
with a 5.5HP genset on board. It had to
run at full power while I drove, reducing
the DOD on my pack to around 70% vs
90%. The bad was when I was waiting
at a red light with the engine running
full throttle. It felt like I had a lawn
mower chasing me.

I later removed it and sold it, and
things got nice and quiet again. I then
supplemented my range with 10 18Ah
Panasonics in parallel with the
Optimas. That equalled the genset in
terms of DOD / range.

All components have been sold as of
2003 and the plan is to use Belktronix
components to restore it back to EV