Ervin's 84 Ford Ranger
I was checking out your site and noted that I never sent an updated photo of my project... So here it is! I still need to
complete the interior work but for now its making the daily commute to work - 30+ miles - and all seems to be working
well. As planned, I installed the second pack in the bed...  144 volt packs paralleled for 200Ah. The truck now weighs in
at 4100 lbs. Not TOO bad.
Here are some additional pix of my conversion -
unfortunately pack one is partially under the bed and I can
no longer raise it until I install a lift (which will be soon) but
pack two is very easy to get to!
I am making the 30+ mile commute daily in the Ranger
now - longest drive to date was a little over 40 miles
but was I ever 'LOW n' SLOW' by the time I made it
home. I wish I could afford Li-on batts.