Odyssey EV Offroad Vehicle
48V, 6.7" ADC, 350A
Here's an off road vehicle to do some
upcoming Regen testing with, along with some
experimental hardware to tweak motor
characteristics. Right now the system is a 48V
AGM with BatMons and a off vehicle charging
system. Someone took off the rear section of
this Honda Odyssey and created an
independent rear suspension copied from a
VW swingarm layout. There's a 10HP
differential to the left of the drive chain, and
the gear ratio is about 5:1 This camera angle
hides the old controller which is one of the
very first ones built. Its subject to revision with
some new hardware. It was used quite a bit
until the differential sprocket hit the ground
after a jump and broke the housing. Its now
back on the trail once again.