VW Scirocco with 6.7" ADC
Dual Battery Pack Configuration
Here it is, a dual battery pack system with a Dual Gen 2 Charging system (30A DC-DC internal at the
time of this writing -space limited). The Gen 0 Power Center power terminals are on the side, not out the
end as they are now. This charger has 2 isolated charger sections to charge the front and rear packs
consisting of 9 AGM batteries up front and 38 LiFePO4's in the hatch area.
The front pack is 40Ah DataSafe brand by Genesis, the rear pack is 100Ah CHP 1C rate cells in the
hatch area. This configuration maximizes the capabilities of the Gen 2 charging system with the BMS
system handling each of the different pack requirements. Along with 2 different Ah ratings, this combines
lower cost AGM's and Li Ions into one system while the charging system has no problem filling them up.
2 contactors break the pack when charging to allow the packs to be charged separately while a 6 ohm
resistor allows some trickle charging to the Pba pack once the charger is unplugged..
Older Power Center shown with dual
contactors and Charge Detection
modules shown (covers removed).
There are 9 Hawker Genesis 40Ah's
up front now, 5 on the back tray and 4
under the cutaway area by the front.
Charger View, the first build of the
Belktronix system, even these
BatMons are old news!
Air Shocks replaced the rear
"coilovers". We'll see how
long they will last!
Newer Dual Gen 2 Charger (above) and
installed in Scirocco. At this time the DC-DC
inside is limited to 30A which is just enough
with all the lights and accessories on. Both
charging systems are driven by a single
1200W PFC front end. The charging current
is split between packs. The front pack finishes
charging first allowing 1200W to flow into the
rear pack until its charged. SMD PCB
assemblies would help to fit a Dual PFC, Dual
Charger and 50A DC-DC into the same
11x7 enclosure but for now all that hardware
will easily fit into a 10x10x5 enclosure.
OLDER PICS of the System Hardware
Old Scirocco setup with split pack of PBA's
Updated 6/16/11
The cells have a little case swelling so a 3
sided box was built with the 4th side able to
slide in and offer adjustable 'compacting' as
the pack is being cycled.