XBM High Voltage E Meter Adapter
XBM E-meter Adapter Description:

This sealed High Voltage Adapter allows the
Xantrex XBM series E-meter to work with
battery pack voltages greater than 50V and
less than 350V. This low cost solution
provides accurate voltage scaling, with noise
filtering for the E- meter.

To configure the E meter for higher voltages,
use the Set function and select the F16 setting
and select 1-10 sacle. (See E-meter manual).

The voltage on the E meter display will be
decimal shifted and internally scaled to read the
battery voltage correctly. Other E meter
settings may require adjustment, like battery
full voltage and alarm settings (if applicable).

The photos on the right show test results with
the Xantrex XBM E-meter with common EV
pack voltages

Self Adhesive tape on the protective case
allows simple mounting. Clean off a 1" x 1" flat
area that will serve as a mount, then peel and
stick the case to the cleaned surface.

Simple Installation is as follows:
The 18 gauge heavy wire goes to the Battery
Pack (Orange to battery +. Black to battery -).
The 22 gauge thin wire goes to the E-meter
(Red + to Vs Input of XBM. Black - to -
Input of XBM).

Standard wire length is 34" for the Battery
pack, 34" for the E meter) Optional lengths
available at the time of order.

Twisted pair is recommended to improve noise
Test Equipment used:
0-300V DC power supply (Adapter
0-24V DC power supply (E meter
Fluke 87-3 multimeter
(1) XBM E meter High Voltage
(1) Xantrex XBM E Meter
Photo of High Voltage Adapter
Mounting Instructions for XBM
No longer offered by Xantrex