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First, a little history...
I was first introduced to electronics around the age of 6. I found an old mission impossible mini reel-to-reel
tape deck in bad shape and tried to get it to work. My neighbor saw me working on something and came
over. He saw it had no batteries, and locating some, put them in. To my amazement, it worked! Then,
while holding the back of the unit (no rear cover was on it) and as I was pushing buttons, I got zapped
probably due to a solenoid. There it was, the need to find out how I got bit, caused all sorts of curiosity.  
Months later, more initiation took place. While I was plugging in a table lamp, my thumb must have been
on a prong, and I felt a 60Hz shockwave starting from my thumb and moving me about until I was tossed
off. Now more than ever I was going to figure out how this occurred.

Throughout my school years I learned what I could about electricity, and electronics. I began my work
history in the electronics industry. After years of learning in the job market, acquiring technical training and
skills, and a personal life-changing experience giving new direction and focus for my life. Some time later I
landed a job at FMC, where I was involved with building electric drive systems approaching the megawatt
power level for military vehicles. I began my own EV building experience at a much smaller power level
with off-the-shelf hardware on a Bradley GT converted to Electric. I exited the military EV marketplace
and served as an Applications Engineer for many years with various Hi-Tech Bay Area companies, and
finally getting my first commuter EV up and running. After building it, I saw the need to simplify the
process, and that's where the Belktronix full system was envisioned.

It wasn't until a major move out to a new area and some years later that a full system product would be
introduced. The end goal is to produce affordable EV systems that are simple to install, use and
understand. Along with this came another need for EV sub-systems, to help those who only need a few
pieces to make their EV complete. Even something as simple as E-meter adapter hardware became
necessary to further ease the EV building task. At the end of the day, the more EV’s on the road, the
better. At some time in the future, the oil straw in the well may sound like one at the end of a glass of soda
when the soda's gone. Forecasting just when that will happen is difficult at best. Until then, we need to
work diligently to have alternatives in place (or if the price of oil goes well past $100/barrel). Managing our
natural resources eventually comes down to an individual responsibility.

Belktronix is focused to deliver first class DC Motor Performance for Electric Vehicles at economy prices.
After all, who can afford the time and expense building your own Electric Vehicle? Even with the many
sources of information on the web, it's still a challenge to put it all together. While building my own Electric
Vehicle conversions, I ran into many of the same problems. Finding out which systems will work with
others on the market wasn't easy. My experience has seen many EV's fail early in life due to poor battery
with premature battery failure caused by over-discharge as the leading problem. Out of
balance charging is also a contributing factor to shorter battery life. Most systems do not have this level of
protection and complexity for one low system price.

Herein was the need to make this EV system as painless as possible. I believe this is a viable system to
expedite more Electric Vehicles from the "wish I had" stage into reality, while cleaning up the air in the

Some components of the EV System are now available for individual sale:
DC-DC Converter

In addition, low cost PV on-grid systems to be introduced into the Solar marketplace as well. So stay
tuned, some exciting things are unfolding in the not to distant future!

So take a moment and surf around. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Thanks for stopping by...
Revised 03/13/08