Isolated DC-DC 7W
Rev 2 Repackaged
This Isolated DC-DC converter is designed to accept from 48V - 350V DC input and provide a 12V
supply for E-meter use. It can be connected to the battery pack indefinitely, and because of its low
standby power, consumes very little power from the battery pack. This is accomplished by the control IC
cycle skipping, providing just enough power to maintain the output voltage under light load conditions
(when the E-meter sleeps). The fully integrated control IC allows a small PCB size with minimal external
components, enhancing reliability.

As of 3/9/07, testing has been done on the first unit:
(for 12V out)
Input Range:  72VDC   -    300VDC
Idle current:   3.8mA    -    0.92mA   (No Load)
Idle Power:    0.253W  -    0.276W (No Load)
Efficiency:     87%       -    85% (@ 5.6W out)
Power out:     0           -     5.6W

More testing to do: Full load current, 300V - 380VDC; (48V-72V output power available).

The transformer is not my own design, so I will have to investigate the reason for lower power available at
lower Vin (<72V).
The enclosure is a plastic case  2.3"W x 3.6"L x 1.6"T with Velcro tape.   
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Target Price: $28 (low volume production)
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