Golf Cart Mower Conversion
using Belktronix Customized EV System
Older Golf Cart Conversion to 48V,
not the ideal candidate, but cheap!
Mechanical Mods include Big Tires,
Air Shocks on 4 corners, Blade Height
Adjuster, 4 Battery Trays, and All in 1
Combo Controller/Charger
A 3 blade deck handles the mowing
All in 1 Controller / Charger 48V
Blade PM Motor (100A output)
Traction Series Motor (350A output)
48V Isolated Charger (23A output)
Rear Pack Install with BatMons running
Unfortuantely, time constraints hampered
photographing the finished product. I will contact
the customer and see if he is willing to take a few

Customer also reports 45 minute run time with 4
100aH batteries on hilly terrain!
I purchased batteries from a fellow Ebayer and we talked about EV's and about a Riding Electric Mower I
had converted back in '03. He explained his lawn is especially hilly and eats riding mowers at a rate of 1
every 2 years or so. We considered converting a Deere Riding Mower for his case, and ended up with the
ultra-rugged golf cart mower conversion idea. Well a few months later, and he is riding around in his
customized heavy duty mower!