Home of Complete Electric Vehicle (EV) Drive Systems
Including Isolated PFC Chargers, Isolated DC/DC converter (Alternator)
Battery Management, Vehicle Integration and Throttle Interface.
CLEAN, Renewable Energy!
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EV System Overview
DC Motor Controllers
500A    800A
Throttle Interface
Battery Monitors
Vehicle Integrator
Gen 2 Charging  System
& DC-DC Converter
1.2kW    2.4kW
EV Accessories
675W Isolated
DC-DC Converter
PMDC Motor Control
WarP DC Motors &
Pricing -A Must SEE
Link 10 High Voltage
E-Meter Adapter
Xantrex XBM High
Voltage Adapter
DC System Hardware
Dyno Testing
System & Pricing Info
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Electric Vehicle
AC System in the Testing Stage
Watts New?
LinkPro E-Meter Adapter (see below)
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Flooded Battery EV System overview
ThunderSky LiFePO4 Battery Monitors!
This Color Scheme =  Recenty Updated
E meter DC-DC
Isolated 7W
Solectria DC-DC
Charge Detector   
Gen 1.5 only
BatMon Isolator
Series DC Motor
Belktronix Articles
Gen 2 Hardware
Belktronix Blog
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LinkPro High Volage
E-Meter Adapter
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Cell Testing
3/31 CALB 70Ah cell testing - impressive results for a low Ah cell