Fully Isolated 675W DC-DC Converter
(Pack Specific)
This DC-DC converter offers full isolation in the signal and power paths. The high efficiency of the
converter is best suited for EV use with a small 12V vehicle battery. The base voltage for operation is
from 120V to 156V, but can be customized for operating from 84V up to 350V. Forced Air is required
for output currents over 35A.
The internal hardware can be configured for the following options:

1) Remote on/off (converter is directly connected to the battery pack) - Standard Configuration

2) Soft Start with Auto-On (automatically restarts the converter when power is removed and reapplied for
maintenance) Option 1 (adds an internal relay board and startup circuitry)

3) Soft start with remote on/off (internal relay handles soft starting the converter). When off, the relay is      
open and the converter is disconnected from the battery pack. Option 2 (adds an internal relay board and
startup circuitry)
General Specs:
Traction battery fuse: 10A, 250V.
Output fuse: 60A recommended.
Size: 7.75"L x 4.5"W x 3.5"T
Weight: 8 Lbs
0.250" Fast-on connections for Battery Pack Input
and Enable on/off.
1/4x20 Posts for Vehicle Battery Connection
1/4 through hole mounting provisions on Bracket
Initiated 111006
Updated 102011
Installation Manual Rev 2.0  Click here
Notes: Internal OVP turnoff is typically set at 10% of the nominal voltage. Auto Enable option shown.
Remote enable adds 2 inputs next to the power input connections, power input is now called DCIN,
output side is DCOUT, see manual for more information.
Narrow Range DC-DC Design Limits:
Contact Belktronix for battery pack in use.
Belktronix then designs the converter, with the
following constraints below:

Input Voltage Low limit 72V
Input Voltage High limit 385V

Output voltage high limit 15V
Output voltage low limit 12V

Example: 288V battery pack: This sets the max
input voltage at 360V (charged) and 252V
(discharged). It is within above limits.

Vout: 14.1V No Load; 13.5V@ 50A
Efficiency: >88% @ 50A, 96V.
Higher efficiency with higher input voltages.
Enable: 12V @ 10mA Optically Isolated
Idle power                <3.5W No Load

Off-state Power Consumption:
Input side                   
0.33mA @ 120V
Output side                 
0.55mA @ 12V
DC-DC with Option 1 installed, with topside mounting bracket
Some controllers use film capacitors in place of
electrolytic capacitors for the DC power input
side. The low value of bulk capacitance creates
large ripple voltages feeding the DC-DC and
requires an additional input inductor to smooth
them out. It can be installed at the time of order
for $10. Contact Belktronix for more details.
Pricing info click here
Wide range DC-DC input option is available with an additional $75 charge for the pre-regulator
circuit. It can span operation from 84V through 360V input range. Autostart TBD for this model.