Link 10 High Voltage E Meter Adapter
E meter Adapter Description:

These sealed High Voltage Adapters allows the Link
series of E meters are designed to work within the
0-100V and 0-500V battery pack voltages. They
work with both Cruising Equipment and Xantrex brand
E meters. This low cost solution provides accurate
voltage scaling, with overvoltage protection and noise
filtering for the E meter.

To configure the E meter for higher voltages, use the
Sel, Set, F13 setting and select 001 for the 100V
scaling adapter and 002 for the 500V scaling adapter
(See E meter manual).

The voltage on the E meter display will be decimal
shifted and internally scaled to read the battery voltage
correctly. Other E meter settings may require
adjustment, like battery full voltage and alarm settings
(if applicable).

The photos on the right show test results with both
Link 10 brand E meters, 0-500V scaling adapter.

Self Adhesive tape on the protective case allows
simple mounting. Clean off a 1" x 1" flat area that will
serve as a mount, then peel and stick the case to the
cleaned surface.

Installation is as follows:
The BPAK side of the Adapter: Orange (+) wire to
battery (+). Black (-) wire to shunt load side, not
battery (-).
The L-10 side of the Adapter: Red (+) wire goes to
the E meter terminal 4. Black (-) to terminal 1. These
instructions are also in the Link 10 Manual.

Standard wire length is 30" for the Battery pack, 30"
for the E meter) Optional lengths available at the time
of order.

To order, jump to the
Pricing page. For the 100V
scaling adapter, purchase the 500V adapter and
specify 100V in the notes section.

Twist wiring to improve noise immunity.
Test Equipment used:
0-300V DC power supply (E meter
0-24V DC power supply (E meter
Fluke 87-3 multimeter
(2) E meter High Voltage Adapters
(1) Cruising Equipment E Meter (on
(1) Xantrex E meter (on Right)
Photo of High Voltage Adapter
Mounting Instructions for Link 10
Updated 9/8/09