1994 Ponitac Grand Prix 144V EV Conversion
Gene, 72 years young, a retired Electrician and now back to work, began this conversion a year ago.
Taking care of family and friends needs, still squeaked some time in to get his conversion completed. So
what's your excuse? This car is so clean, it looks new. Professionally done, you would think a company
made it. What was his modivation to build his own Electric Car? His wife's encouragement and they were
spoiled with leasing an EV1, twice. Liked it enough to offer GM to buy it before they crushed it...Now he
owns his own Electric Car!
He even put his
battery pack below
the trunk, added air
bags and a cover
and still has full
trunk space!

Did I forget to
mention Gene is 72
years young??
Gene is using a
Warp 9 Series
Wound motor and a
clutchless designed
adapter plate.
Not only did he
swap the automatic
for a manual
transmission, he
made a template of
his bellhousing! We
then transferred the
pattern to a 1/2"
thick aluminum plate
and a welded clutch
hub and added
spacers and presto!

Accessoties include
a Vacuum Pump
and Link 10
E-Meter with a
prescaling adapter