Ron's 1988 Ranger Conversion in North Carolina
Belktronix 144V 500A Controller on Left.
The open space next to it is for the
Charger. The box at the bottom right of the
panel is the Vehicle Integrator.

Ron's already driven it around to check
things out. Here's Ron's lowdown on the

I have $1323 in the truck to bring it up to
where it is now.
I believe I will be paying you another
$1100 for the rest of your package.
So I will have $5188 in the conversion part.
So the total is $6511. That counting
batteries, 12 volt charger, two dash
mounted heaters, one for heat the other to
defrost the windshild.(see picture of inside
of truck). That also includes motor/trans
adaptor, material to build battery box,
wiring,gauges,boxes everything. This is
absolutelly all the money I have in the
conversion. I have the truck highway legal...
that is to say tag, insurance and inspection.
Come to find out North Carolina  has
"electric only" as one of the fuel choices.  
Inspection was just $9.00. Sure drew a
crowd every where I went. I did not say
anything. people noticed no sound and
wanted to know what was wrong with my
truck. I was totally shocked at how
uninformed people are about electric
vehicles. Everybody thought I had came up
with the idea myself and that I should get a
patent. We sure got a long way to go to
even get the majority of the public aware of
electric vehicles. Only the ones that keep up
with the current events had a small amount
of knowledge. It is going to take (exactly
what I thought) someone they have known
all their lives doing it to awaken them. Most
people today was almost in shock at seeing
the truck. You could see the light bulb
come on as they realized the potential.
Dash VoltMeter and AmpMeter
Throttle Box (aka potbox) mounting
Nice Truck, is it electric? Yep!