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This System contains the necessary Function Blocks and is configured to give the Electric Vehicle (EV)
enthusiast performance with economy of ownership. It is designed primarily for use with AGM type
batteries. Other system / battery configurations are being introduced in 2008. The System consists of a
Throttle Interface, DC Motor Controller, Individual Battery Monitors, Vehicle Integrator (not shown
here), Isolated DC-DC Converter / Isolated Power Factor Corrected (PFC) Charger and a BatMon
Isolator Circuit..
For a 120V system, there are a total of 19 PCB assemblies that make up the complete system.

Individual Function Blocks are interconnected to prevent mis-operation under various Charging and
Driving modes.  Battery monitoring occurs at each battery in the pack and continuously protects from
over-discharge during EV operation. While charging, temperature monitoring and limiting are sensed at
each battery to maintain the vehicle traction pack at peak performance.
A Vehicle Integration Board manages startup and shutdown of the entire system and simplifies system
integration to the ignition key switch. It includes a soft-charge circuit for the DC Motor Controller.
Currently, the system is configured for 120VDC and series wound DC motors. It can be made to
operate from 84V-144V battery pack configurations based on customer's needs. It can be charged from
a household 120V - 240VAC outlet. Solar Charging interface optional. See Block diagram below for
more details.
Consult Belktronix for further information or other operating voltages. All information described herein
relates specifically to a 120VDC system.

Initial product introduction date: 083006
SubSystem product introduction date: 093006

System Vehicle Schematic Gen 2 (contributed by JDS)
Initiated 111804
Updated 121908
System Vehicle Schematic (Gen 1.5) contributed by JDS
Gen 1 - 1.5 only. Gen 2 omits the Charge Detector