Vehicle Integrator
The Vehicle Integrator simplifies the task of integrating the entire Belktronix system into the automotive
chassis. It uses the RUN ignition wire for power, and the START ignition wire to begin the soft start
sequence. It charges the Power Center with a 47 ohm resistor and actively senses the charging current
and voltage prior to switching the main contactor closed. It has a power saver feature for the contactor
coil that switches a lower battery pack tap voltage to lower coil dissipaton. LED's illuminate as the
sequence progresses to completion.

It will start the DC-DC section first, then the soft start circuit (47 Ohm resistor), then the main contactor
(rated coil voltage), then the main contactor power saver (1/2 coil voltage) then the cooling circuit, and
lastly the Power Center will be enabled. The users manual goes into greater detail regarding features and
fault mode detection.
Typically the VEHINT is configured at the factory for a 48V contactor coil and 48V for the cooling fan
used on the Power Center.
Other options and voltage configurations are available.